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(Last Updated On: August 22, 2015)


I’ve added a bit of additional information to the blog disclaimer for the sake of clarity. Some people who visit my blog may wonder why I bother posting a disclaimer in the first place. Here’s Why:

In my experience, some bloggers and journalists tend to express their opinions as if they are facts. They allow their readers to believe that their opinion is objective truth without clearly letting the readers know anything about their worldview.

I believe the only way to develop credibility with your readers is by being honest with them from the start. In my opinion, you have an obligation to let them know who you are, and what your worldview is, so they have a full understanding of exactly how these factors shape your interpretation of the facts.

This is another reason why I try to clearly marked my personal comments when I post a new story. I don’t want the reader to get the impression that I’m trying to pass off my personal opinions as part of the story.

Weekly Disclaimer:

This is a Theistic Satanism friendly blog. RJ Womack is a practicing Religious Devil Worshiper and Occultist. The views expressed here are not influenced by what is popular on the internet or what is trendy in the satanic community. They are the result of a heartfelt religious conviction to honor Satan and the other demonic entities, which he (RJ Womack) regards as sentient preterhuman entities. If you are easily offended by the sincere expression of religious devotion, or the honest discussion of religion, history, philosophy, or sexuality, this may not be the right place for you.

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