Beelzebub for Babes: Satanic and Atheistic Literature Entering Colo. Schools

(Last Updated On: March 31, 2016)

RJ Womack Comment: The Christians will do almost anything to preserve their control over society, including making any argument they can to limit the religious freedoms of others. Since they have no respect for anyone else’s beliefs, maybe their religious rights should be infringed. I hope the Atheists keep the pressure on because the Christians deserve all the harassment they get.


“The Devil went down to Georgia,” sang Charlie Daniels — now he has gone up to Colorado. But the matter isn’t a fiddling contest but fiddling while education burns, as some Centennial State schools plan to offer their students satanic and atheistic literature.

The materials are set to appear in the Delta County School District in Colorado April 1, but this is no joke. It’s the result of a policy, reports KJCT8 ABC, stating the district “cannot discriminate against any groups or organizations when it comes to non-curricular materials…. Kurt Clay, with the Delta School District[,] says if they are going to make literature for things such as Boy Scouts, 4H or other organizations available, they have to allow all types of information to be available to students.” So now, according to many, the Devil deserves equal access.

The group distributing the literature is the “Western Colorado Atheists and Freethinkers” (WCAF); its representatives say they were inspired to take action after Gideon Bibles were placed in the schools in December. All the materials in question are, once again, non-curricular; they won’t be assigned to students, but rather will occupy a library table and be available to read for those interested. It’s all very open-minded, although sometimes a mind can be so open that the brain falls out, as the quip goes.

Source: Beelzebub for Babes: Satanic and Atheistic Literature Entering Colo. Schools

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