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I’ve just added a FAQ page to the blog.  I will be adding to it regularly when time allows. It’s still a work in progress, so please bear with me.

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Do you really believe in Satan?

A.) Yes, I recognize Satan as a sentient preterhuman intelligence. I do not regard Satanism as just a philosophy or an exercise in psychodrama. I’m a polytheist who acknowledges the literal existence of Satan, and I worship him as chief deity of my pantheon. To put it more simply, I am a proud unapologetic devotee of the devil.

The Christian view of Satan is a very one-dimensional, simplistic, and self serving interpretation of a highly complex deity. The view of Satan as an evil entity out to destroy mankind provides a convenient whipping boy for the Christian faith. To me, Satan is a benefactor of man. He is a God of knowledge and wisdom, a God of light and darkness, a God of balance, and a God of nature. Satan was the one who instilled in us the first spark of self-awareness. He is the reason why we even have the free will to question the nature of our existence. He is the one who instilled in us a desire for knowledge and a hunger for self evolution.

The spark of self-awareness, free will, and gnosis are usually symbolized by Satanists in one of three ways. Either as a black flame, a burning torch, or as some symbolic representation of the forbidden fruit from Genesis. It should be noted that this gift of knowledge is most often symbolized as a black flame or a burning torch, rather than the forbidden fruit. Using the forbidden fruit as a symbol of the gnosis of Satan is considered by some Satanists to be an acknowledgment of the truth of the Christian Bible, so most Satanists would frown upon it being used. Even so, it is still sometimes used by some Satanists to symbolize the knowledge and wisdom bestowed upon us by Satan.

I believe the evolution of man from a primitive species into modern man is a direct result of the hand of Satan. In fact, I would even go a step further and say that I believe it was Satan’s goading of the minds of men and women that led to the development of many of the sciences and technologies we enjoy today.

One of the major characteristics that separates Satan from other gods is that he expects his followers to be self-reliant. Many Satanists will do everything in their power to help themselves before they would ever consider asking Satan for help with a problem they’re having. Most theistic Satanists understand that Satan expects them to be strong and resilient. Satan is not a God for those who are weak in spirit who are looking for things to be handed to them. This is what distinguishes Satan from the god of the Abrahamic religious traditions.

Satanists must take responsibility for themselves and their actions. Our personal growth and spiritual development is largely up to us. Satan and the demons may help us along the way, but they’re not saviors who will protect us from our own ignorance and stupidity.

Satanism is a lifelong process of releasing yourself from the fetters of social programming and the influence of Abrahamic religious conditioning. It is a process of self-discovery and initiation. I believe we must utilize every tool, technique, or system at our disposal to help us in our journey to a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us. For me personally, that means using ceremonial magic, mysticism, psychology, personal development, and whatever else works to help me to achieve my spiritual goals, so long as they do not conflict with my religious convictions. I will not knowingly participate in anything that I feel is contrary to satanic teachings or is in any way disrespectful of Satan or the other entities I worship.

From my perspective, the satanic religion is all about the balanced interplay between the spiritual and the carnal aspects of life. The best way to serve yourself and Satan is by maintaining a balance between these two factors. If you focus too much on the carnal or material aspects of life, you lose your connection to the spiritual. if you focus too much attention on the spiritual, you run the risk of losing touch with the realities of everyday life. If the idea behind self initiation is to make oneself a balanced individual, then obviously focusing one’s energy disproportionately on any single area of life is not a good idea.

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