Boston Dynamics’ Atlas Robot Tested Outside| Is the terminator styled world in our future?

The new Atlas robot gives humanity some interesting things to think about. Is a Terminator like world in our near future? If so, what does it mean and how are we going to handle it? Since Satanism in all its diverse forms advocates evolution on all levels, I think Satanists should embrace the new technology and utilize it for all it’s worth. Some Christians on the other hand, will no doubt see this as a just another harbinger of the coming New World order, but to automatically assume the technology in and of itself will lead to mankind self-destruction is, in my opinion, shortsighted ignorance. Computers will only do what they have been programmed to do, so whatever evil they do is a direct result of the attitudes of the people who create and program them.

The technology itself is neither good nor evil and has no moral code of its own.The only exception to this would be if the computers and robots managed to develop an intelligence of their own, which makes them capable of making decisions and acting without the benefit of human input. At this point, artificial intelligence is not advanced enough to be capable of such things.

The Christian obsession with AI is nothing more than bargain-basement Fear mongering in an attempt to win more converts to Christ. The reality is, the  technology is years away from being capable of allowing computers or robots to act in any way that resembles true autonomy.

Christians are always looking for the next Antichrist to preach against. It’s been that way since the earliest days of the Christian faith and it will never change. In ancient Rome, it was the Emperor Nero, then it was implementation of the Social Security number, then it was Ronald Reagan, then George Bush, then Barack Obama, and now it’s artificial intelligence.

I’m personally looking forward to all the advances that technology makes possible. I hope to live as long as I possibly can so I can see all the societal changes that will inevitably occur due to advancing computer and robotic technology.

My father has been involved in the computer industry since the early 1970s, and I remember him talking to me about how one day they would have handheld computers like they did on Star Trek. That was in 1981 or 1982. Of course, neither he nor I realized at the time he was describing devices that would eventually become cell phones and tablets.

Technology has always fascinated me, so I’m personally looking forward to the future with great anticipation.

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas Robot Tested Outside

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    1. Don’t get me wrong, I think everything has been and will continue to advance extremely quickly, but I think we are still quite a ways away from the type of technology that would warrant the type of fears that the Christians are worried about.

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