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Episode 11: Internet Blessing or Curse?/Real Satanists Don’t Pray?

This is Dark Illumination Report Podcast episode 11. The views expressed on this podcast are the views of the podcast host only. The host neither represents nor endorses any specific Satanic organization or tradition. If you enjoyed the show please take a moment to leave us a review on Itunes and please tell a friend. I’d really appreciate it. You can also follow me on twitter at rjwo15. If you have questions or comments you can leave us a message at speakpipe.com\dirpodcast.

Hi everybody, I know it’s been a long time since we’ve done this but I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t died or gone anywhere. I’m still here. What I want to talk about today is something that I think is very important. I’ve kind of talked about it in the past, but I haven’t talked about it near as much as I wanted to, and that’s whether the internet is a blessing or a curse to Theistic Satanism. And I think it’s partly a blessing and partly a curse and the reason I say that is because on the one hand it allows Satanists to get together and communicate, and ya know, get together with people like themselves, but on the other hand it creates this group-think within Satanism, this herd-mentality where nobody wants to be seen as the outsider, nobody wants to be thought of as the outcast, so it’s become very popular in Theistic Satanism to talk like an atheist, to say that Satanism is a philosophy and not a religion.

When you start talking like this you’re losing the whole point of Theistic Satanism. You’re losing your individuality and if you lose your individuality then what’s the point of being a Satanist? If you follow along with the rest of the herd, you’re no different than the Christians. Being a servant to the Kingdom of Darkness is not a popularity contest. It’s a calling. It’s either something you are or something you’re not. Being a Satanist is something you were either born to be or something you’re not. There is no other way around it.

And one of the things that bothers me is this idea that praying is somehow not Satanic. Christians did not create prayer. They did not create that as a way to communicate with spirits. They’re just one of the religions that utilize prayer, they didn’t create it. The Egyptians prayed, alot of other cultures prayed. And the fact that there are Satanists out there who are so ignorant of religious history that they seem to think that the idea of prayer is somehow a Christian concept is just shocking to me, and the fact that those people go around on the internet preaching Satanism like they know something when they don’t even know basic concepts like Christians didn’t create prayer, ya know they have no business teaching anybody anything because they can’t even read a book. They don’t even know their basic history. How can you possibly be a minister when you teach somebody that Satanists do not pray because that is Christian? I’ve seen people do that and it’s completely ignorant.

What makes all of this even more silly to me is that Theistic Satanists are going around spouting this stuff and they don’t even realize that this is a philosophy espoused by atheistic Satanists and it was a philosophy basically promoted by Anton LaVey and it wasn’t taught until 1970. Prior to that any accounts we have of Devil Worship or Religious Satanism show that the Satanists prayed and they did prayer rituals and they prayed to Satan. It’s only when LaVey came along and the Satanic Bible was published in the 1970s that this idea became popular. And the fact that most people don’t know that or understand that tells me that they don’t really study their religion they don’t really study the history. They don’t really know what they’re talking about. And when those people get on Facebook and mislead other Satanists and teach them stuff that’s not true, especially Theistic Satanists because they should know better, I mean, if you’re just going to espouse atheistic philosophy then why are you even a Theistic Satanist in the first place? It makes no sense.

Now if you’re an Atheistic Satanist listening to this I want to be clear about something. You have every right to believe what you want to believe and this podcast is not directed at you. This podcast is directed to those people who claim to be servants of the Lord of Darkness, people who believe in the Lord Satan, but then tell people not to pray, not to connect to Him because “prayer is Christian.” Now that’s not the only way to connect with Satan obviously, but what I’m saying is it is a useful way. Every Satanist that I know that believes in Satan prays. The only people that don’t pray are people that have been influenced by Atheistic Satanism. And I don’t understand why people who claim to worship the Lord of Darkness, who claim to believe in Him, would tell people not to connect with Him in whatever way possible. It’s ridiculous, it’s silly, it’s foolish, it’s not Satanic, and I can’t believe people get away with this nonsense. And I can’t believe people are foolish enough to listen to them either.

It seems absolutely silly to me that some of the very same people who hate Anton LaVey will sit there and espouse everything he believed and will tell people to believe exactly what the Satanic Bible teaches. You can tell that some of them haven’t even read the Satanic Bible, and they don’t even realize where this philosophy that they espouse comes from. That’s how ignorant they are of Satanism. They don’t even know that the not-praying comes from Anton LaVey, the person that most of them hate and say they have nothing to do with, and they don’t agree with at all. How do we ever expect Satanism to become a serious religion if people don’t even study and know where their philosophy comes from? Anyway that’s it for today guys. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Bye.

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