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Episode 12: How Social Media Can Negatively Influence Your Relationship with Demonic Entities

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Hey guys. I want to continue talking about the topic I was talking about yesterday, which is the pluses and minuses of the internet for Theistic Satanists. One of the things that the internet brings us is the ability to publish our material instantaneously and it brings us the benefit of being able to have podcasts like this one so of course there are many benefits to it but the downside to it, besides the other ones I mentioned is the fact that when you’re a new Satanist and you’re just learning and you study something your tendency is going to be to go ask other people what they think. When I was growing up in Satanism we didn’t have the internet, so you kind of had to study the texts, you kind of had to form your own opinions about the texts, and you had time to really process things, which is something that most people don’t have the opportunity to do today because they’re so focused on trying to get other people’s opinions about everything, so they don’t make the time to formulate their own opinions about what they’re reading or what they’re studying and they don’t give themselves time to have a communication with Satan or the spirits. It’s very difficult to connect with Satan and the Demons if you’re being bombarded from every direction with ten thousand different opinions. You have to be quiet long enough to be able to hear and connect with the spirits. And I don’t mean literally “hear” but I mean sense their presence. And you have to spend time alone with yourself and think about your sacred texts, and think about what you believe, and think about your prayers, and think about the Demons so that you have time to make that personal connection, because ultimately what this is all about is making a personal connection with the Demonic realm. If you don’t do that then all of these rituals and stuff mean nothing.

The problem is that everybody overcomplicates this. They think that it’s all about what ritual robe you have or what altar you have. They think it’s all about objects. It’s not. You don’t need any of those things in order to make a connection. You can make a connection with Satan and the Demons without any ritual objects at all. Ritual objects themselves are not magical. The power doesn’t reside in them it resides in the connection between you and the spirits. it resides in the connection between your essence and their essence. If you look at the Facebook groups you’ll see that people are obsessed with the Goetia. They’re obsessed with trying to evoke spirits to physical manifestation. You don’t have to do that. It’s not necessary. in order to get the Demons’ help. It’s something that people are obsessed with and they overcomplicate it and they forget that Satanism at its essence is a religion. It’s not just a philosophy., as I said in the previous podcast.

This idea that Satanism is a philosophy rather than a religion is an atheistic concept. It wasn’t popularized, it wasn’t accepted as an accepted way of practising Satanism until about 1970 when the Satanic Bible was published. Up until then, Satanism was seen as a religion and people who worshipped Satan were the accepted, common Satanists, and the Atheistic Satanists have done a great job at convincing everybody that Satanists don’t worship Satan, and they also convinced them of the idea that Satanists have never worshipped Satan. But that’s just simply not true. And if you understand that what’s at the heart of Satanism is your relationship with Satan and the Demons then you’ll actually get somewhere, and you’ll actually learn something about the spirits, but it takes time. And they’re not always going to answer you right away. Sometimes I think they test you to see how serious you are about connecting with them. And if you give up right away you’ll never know whether they’re real or not. And like I said, it’s not that complicated anyway. Most people that succeed in communicating with them succeeded in communicating with them simply by asking them to show their presence. It’s not that hard. Anyway, that’s it for today guys. See ya tomorrow.

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