Dark Illumination Report Podcast Episode 15: Can Satanists & Wiccans Get Along? Part 1

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Episode Transcript:

Episode 15: Can Satanists & Wiccans Get Along? Part 1

This is Dark Illumination Report Podcast episode 15. The views expressed on this podcast are the views of the podcast host only. The host neither represents nor endorses any specific Satanic organization or tradition. If you enjoyed the show please take a moment to leave us a review on Itunes and please tell a friend. I’d really appreciate it. You can also follow me on twitter at rjwo15. If you have questions or comments you can leave us a message at speakpipe.com\dirpodcast

I was asked by a listener whether I thought Wiccans and Satanists can get along. And my answer is obviously yeah, we can get along. Assuming the Wiccans understand one thing: we have a common enemy, a common enemy in the Christians. The Wiccans tend to think of themselves as superior to Satanists, but if they could just realize that its the Christians that are always opposing freedom for alternative religions, if they could just bring themselves to understand that we have a common enemy, then maybe they wouldn’t be so uppity about everything.

See, the problem with Wiccans is they believe their own hype. They believe that they’re special. They believe that they’re carrying on some unbroken pagan tradition, when their religion is really just a recreation of paganism and its a very poor recreation of paganism, because most pagan cultures were warrior-like cultures, most pagan cultures believed in animal and sometimes human sacrifice which are things that Wiccans never do. And if you look at the average Wiccans you can tell they’re not part of a warrior culture because they don’t even look like they’ve been to a gym in a couple of years. So this idea that they’re carrying on some ancient pagan belief is just silly.

Now there’s nothing wrong with being a religion that recreates old pagan traditions or tries to as close as you can, but what you should do is admit to that. You should be honest about it. You should say “we’re trying to recreate ancient paganism as best we can” or the way we think we should. And that’s the problem with all other occult religions is that people aren’t honest about their history. Wicca was created in the mid 1950s by Gerald Gardner and even the Charge of the Goddess is taken from Aleister Crowley’s The Book of the Law. The first two chapters, it has all of this Book of the Law stuff in it, and that’s certainly not ancient paganism because The Book of the Law wasn’t recieved until 1904, so this idea that Wicca is somehow an ancient religion, and is somehow superior to Satanism, is an absolute lie.

And the other thing is they’ve fooled themselves into believing that they’re somehow more socially acceptable to the public than Satanism is and in some ways they’re right because the public generally sees them as harmless. They see them as a bunch of weirdos and fruitcakes, whereas because Satanism has been subject to the Satanic Panic, people fear us more. They think we’re more involved in criminal activities, which, to be honest, Satanists are no more involved in criminal activities than Wiccans are generally. I mean there are exceptions to that rule, but generally speaking Satanists are law-abiding citizens. And unfortunately they have this bad reputation because of all the films and all the documentaries that have been made and all the stuff that went on during the ‘80s. I’d like to also point out that it doesn’t really help that Satanists are still thought of the same way on the internet today. It doesn’t help that people like Alex Jones, and Mark Dice, and Jim Mars are perpetuating this Lucifeian-conspiracy thing.

But getting back to the question, can Wiccans and Satanist get along? Yeah, we can. Will we? Probably not. As long as the Satanists see Wiccans as individuals who are Christianizing paganism, and as long as the Wiccans see Satanists as individuals who are reverse Christians, there’s going to be no common ground. But could we get along? Yeah, sure we could. But will we? Probably not, ever, until we realize that we have a common enemy, and that common enemy in Christianity.

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