Friedrich Nietzsche – The Will to Power & Master/Slave Mentality

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2015)

Philosopher, Frederick Nietzsche


Since Frederick Nietzsche is one of the most commonly quoted philosophers in Satanism (especially among atheistic Satanists) I thought it might be helpful to post some information on his ideas. This video is really well done, and I think it does an adequate job of explaining the core principles of Nietzsche’s philosophy.

It should be noted that Nietzsche’s philosophy has no direct connection to Satanism. I’m sure there are quite a few Satanists who would strongly disagree with his ideas, and there are many more who have never heard of Frederick Nietzsche.

One of the purposes of this blog is to present the readers with ideas that call into question the validity of social norms. The ideas that Nietzsche proposes definitely ask you to question what you believe and why.

I find the comments towards the end of the first video about Christianity particularly interesting.

Will to Power:

Here’s another video that explains another core principle of Nietzsche’s philosophy.

Nietzsche on Master and Slave Morality:

Additional Resources:

Friedrich Nietzsche Documentary

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