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Hello all,

First off I’d like to thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. This blog is going to be a bit different from other blogs that I’m currently working on. Since this is a personal blog, I will have the freedom to discuss a wide range of issues that may not be suitable for my other blogs. Plus, I will have the freedom to give you my opinions on the topics I cover which is something I try not to do elsewhere. I don’t always succeed, but I try really hard not to interject my opinion on my other blogs because the purpose of these blogs is to provide information and resources to help other Occultists. It’s not to promote my own personal opinions.

I have two other blogs besides this one. My Corpus Christi Texas LHP Community Blog is dedicated to helping people find reliable information about occultism, Satanism, mysticism or magic from a left-hand path perspective. My goal with this blog is to point people to reliable information so they can explore these topics for themselves and find their own path. I try my hardest to take a fair and balanced approach to any subjects that I cover in this blog. I feel it is extremely important for people to make their own decisions about their own spiritual development through a process of self-discovery and self evolution.

My second blog will focus on covering news, current events, alternative religions, alternative lifestyles, crypto zoology, the paranormal, and entertainment news from a satanic point of view. The second blog will come online shortly followed by a companion podcast later this summer.

When I first started out in the occult, my desire was to help others learn about Satanism and the occult. But as the years went by, I guess in some ways I lost sight of my original purpose. All of my blogs are an attempt to get back to doing what I originally set out to do in slightly different ways.

Thanks for visiting.

Kind regards,
RJ Womack

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