Motivational video: Uncomfortable Versus Exhaustion

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2015)

I meant to post this video on Monday, but I didn’t get around to it. I’ve posted this video before, but it’s one of my personal favorites, so I’ve decided to post it again. Since most Theistic Satanists don’t have a church or temple that they attend, I feel it’s extremely important that we try to help motivate each other in our religious work and life. A sense of brotherhood and community is something that is sorely lacking in theistic Satanism. Too many people focus on our theological differences rather than focusing on things we have in common.

My hope for this blog is that it will become a drama free zone where Theistic Satanists can discuss religious issues with each other in a serious way, while at the same time finding a sense of community and encouragement. This blog is my way of paying homage to the gods I worship while at the same time trying to do something to contribute to the Theistic Satanism community at large.

These motivational videos are just my way of trying to support my fellow Satanists and help them stay motivated for the things they have to accomplish. for me at least, it has always been difficult to find people who share my interests and my passion for Satanism and the occult, and I know it can be difficult for others as well. So I try to do what I can to keep people motivated.

If your sole practitioner without a group, It can be very difficult to stay motivated and keep that passion alive for the spiritual work that you are undertaking, so my aim with all of this is to give you the encouragement you need to keep going in order that you may overcome whatever obstacles you may face as you journey down your own path of spiritual discovery. If you’re serious about spiritual development , it can sometimes be a very isolating experience because (let’s face it) many of us re surrounded by people who don’t understand what we believe and probably never will.

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  1. August 18, 2015 at 7:48 am

    I have found these motivation videos useful, because they do educate the brain in more positive patterns of thinking with powerful visual and verbal messages.

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