Oklahoma Removes Ten Commandments Monument Under Court Order – NBC News

(Last Updated On: October 8, 2015)

RJ Womack Comment: This is just another sign of how times are changing. We are truly entering a new Satanic age of freedom and liberty; just as Aleister Crowley and Anton Lavey predicted.


Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin launched a campaign Tuesday to restore a monument to the Ten Commandments that was removed from the state capitol overnight under a court order.
Image: Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin and conservative activist Michael Carnuccio
Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin calls for a constitutional amendment Tuesday to restore a Ten Commandments monument to the state capitol grounds. Michael Carnuccio, president of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, where the monument was taken, is at left. Sue Ogrocki / AP

“It’s not a Republican, Democrat or independent issue,” Fallin, a Republican, said at a news conference in Oklahoma City. “The Ten Commandments is a historical monument. We brought it to this location. We felt it was a good place to be able to display it properly so people could see it.”

The state Supreme Court ordered the monument removed in June, saying the state was prohibited from displaying it under the state Constitution. The ruling was upheld on appeal.

via Oklahoma Removes Ten Commandments Monument Under Court Order – NBC News.

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