Pastor Believes Tahoe Church Vandalism Based on Satanism – ABC News

(Last Updated On: September 8, 2015)

RJ Womack Comment: This was done by either teenage Satanists who are misguided, or it’s not Satanists at all. I have a hard time believing these acts were committed by serious Satanists.

Most mature intelligent Satanists realize that committing acts of vandalism on a church, synagogue, or mosque only create sympathy for the followers of these religions. It doesn’t help Satanism at all, nor does it weaken the faith of the followers of the Abrahamic religious traditions. If anything, it allows them to raise more money and build even bigger buildings because people feel sorry for them.

If you want to oppose Christianity and promote Satanism, don’t do it by engaging in illegal activity. It achieves nothing, and it only makes Satanism look bad. The best way to oppose Christianity is through legal channels. Engage in political and social activism. If you have the money, hire a good lawyer and oppose them via the court system.

The minister of one of several churches hit by a string of vandalism on the north shore of Lake Tahoe says they appear to be satanic attacks by an individual who is “very angry with Jesus.”

“I’ve seen nothing that would give a hint it was socially or politically motivated,” said the Rev. Jeffrey Ogden, Presbyterian pastor at The Village Church in Incline Village.

“Everything that has been posted, the satanic symbols on the front doors of all the churches — it was satanic,” he told The Associated Press on Friday. “It was anti-Christian, anti-Jesus — more theologically motivated. This is a Satanist who is opposed to Jesus.”

The FBI is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of anyone responsible for the incidents, which began with graffiti at five Tahoe-area churches in April on Easter Sunday and continued in August.

The FBI has declined formal comment on the investigation, but Ogden said agents have told him they are “looking at this as a potential hate crime.”

via Pastor Believes Tahoe Church Vandalism Based on Satanism – ABC News.

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