Reason I Decided to Do a Personal Blog

(Last Updated On: April 25, 2014)

I’ve been a practicing theistic Satanists and magician for nearly 30 years, and I have always kept anything I do online focus on occultism. I have never really done any personal blogging.

I believe Satanism and the occult is my life purpose, and I’ve never really wanted to do anything to take away from that. The problem is that when you focus your entire life on occultism, you very rarely get to express yourself in any other way except through your religion.

So I thought it was about time for a change. Besides, I think it’s good for people who may not be familiar with Satanism, especially theistic Satanism, to see that Satanists are not just a stereotype from a horror film they are people too.

Our society tends to label people and put them in a box. Once society Labels someone, it’s very difficult for them to see these individuals in a different light. They don’t just do it to Satanists, they also do it to other religions as well. I’m sure there are many others who practice pagan religions who feel exactly like I do.

I think sometimes people who have never been around people who practice occult oriented religions really do forget that People are people no matter what they believe in. I hope that by blogging about some of my other interest, it will help to break down some of those stereotypes.

Plus, if all you write about is occultism, then you never really get a chance to talk about anything else.


The Dexter series finale has to be one of the worst finales in the history of television! The writers and producers of that show should be flogged for such a terrible ending.


Since I was a child, I’ve been waiting for somebody to make a decent Godzilla movie. I wonder if the 2014 edition will actually be a decent movie. Does the fact that I’m actually looking forward to the new Godzilla movie make me sound as sad and pathetic as I think it does? 🙂

These are the thoughts that run through my head on occasion in addition to the important life and spiritual ones.

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