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About Me:

I have been a practicing Theistic Satanist for over 30 years. I have also been a member of several Satanic and occult organizations. None of these groups were exactly what I was looking for. I found that most of them were not spiritual enough for me. The groups I came across seemed to be preoccupied with things that had nothing to do with the religious worship of Satan or the practice of ceremonial magick, so I felt I had no choice but to break away from organized groups and work on my own.

I regard Satan as a God of freedom and knowledge, and I just don’t buy into the notion that the only purpose for being a Satanist is to engage in mindless self-indulgence, which seems to be the predominant way of thinking in many satanic circles these days. I see Theistic Satanism as a serious religious path. A religious path that promotes the idea of maintaining a balance between the spiritual and material worlds in every aspect of our lives.

For me, the purpose of Satanism is to engage in the religious worship of Satan and demonic entities, and to build a spiritual relationship with them. Beyond that, Satanism is about the personal development of the individual. I believe the secondary aim of Theistic Satanism and other left hand path occult traditions is to develop one’s individual potential to the highest level possible.

About The Blog:

This blog is intended to be a resource for those who practice Theistic Satanism and ceremonial magick.

Because Satanism is an eclectic religion that does not have a unique magical system of its own, this blog provides information from many different traditions, ranging from different forms of Paganism to Thelema. The idea is to give people information that will allow them to develop their own method of magickal and spiritual practice.

My blog takes a unique approach to the subject of Satanism and magick because I integrate techniques gleaned from personal development and motivational teachers, neuroscience, and psychology into my magical and spiritual practices. Using these techniques has proven to be very beneficial for me. They have helped me tremendously both in my spiritual practices and in my everyday life. That’s why I decided to post information about them here.

It’s always been a bit of a surprise to me that there’s not more interest in these topics from the occult community. Especially when you consider that a large part of what we do as occultists and magicians is use our minds to shape things according to our will. If you truly believe that magick is nothing more than a focused mind prevailing over matter, then it stands to reason that you might want to study any technique that would help you improve your skills.

My overall goal for this blog is to provide readers with Content that goes beyond the stereotypical content you often find on other left hand path blogs and websites.

I hope you find all the information and resources you need to help you along your own spiritual path.


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