Site Satanism FAQ Updated

(Last Updated On: September 4, 2015)


Rj Womack Comment: I’ve answered a few more questions for the FAQ.

Why did you create this website?

A.) I created this blog as a way to attempt to contribute something positive to the theistic Satanism community. This site is aimed primarily at adult theistic Satanists (religious devil worshipers) who are not only serious about their spiritual practices, but who also have an interest in personal development, current affairs, history, and business and entrepreneurship. Above all, I hope it becomes a site that inspires people to strive to reach their true potential and to take pride in being a theistic Satanist.

Do you believe in actively recruiting people to the Satanic religion?

A.) I do not believe it is the responsibility of myself or any other Satanist to actively recruit people to the Satanic religion. I believe Satan and the Demons reveal themselves to those whom they will, and they call certain individuals into the service of the kingdom as they will according to their own desires.

This site is not intended to recruit new converts to the Satanic religion. It was created to serve as a source of support and encouragement for those who already believe in Satan because of their personal interaction with him.

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