Michael Aquino Interview | Mike Appears on Conspiracy Shows

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A friend told me about this video; I thought I’d share it. I have to admit I was surprised to see that Michael Aquino, founder of the Temple of Set has been doing quite a few interviews lately.

Apparently, Aquino has a new book out called Mind Wars, and he has decided that the best way to promote it is by going on conspiracy shows. I’m sure he’ll generate a decent amount of sales from doing this, but I think it makes him look a bit foolish.

Most of these conspiracy theorists don’t know enough about the occult to even have a sensible conversation with Aquino. Aquino knows damn well they’re going to be asking ridiculous questions that have little or no relevance to his book. I just can’t imagine him being so desperate to sell books that he would lower himself this way. Then again, he is the same guy who wrote a lengthy piece about how Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx had died in the mid-80s and was replaced by a double, so maybe it’s not really all that surprising after all.

Lecture by Don Webb on the Cult of the Egyptian God Set

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Here’s a lecture by Don Webb on the magical practices of the cult of the Egyptian God Set. Regardless of your opinion of the Temple of Set, I thought some of you might find this lecture interesting. Whether you agree with Mr. Webb’s opinions or not, you can’t deny that he has done an incredible amount of research and that his theories are well-thought-out and presented in an intelligent manner.

One of the things I respect most about members of the Temple of Set is how they present their material in a mature manner. Their arguments never descend into childish ad hominem attacks. They seem to try to stay out of the drama that’s so prevalent in the occult community these days.

I really wish theistic Satanists would learn to be more like that.