The Alchemy of Activism: The Satanic Temple

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2016)

When you think of Satanists getting together, what comes to mind? Goat-centered orgiastic reverie? Diabolical cursing? Sacrifice of the innocent? Or perhaps you have studied history enough to know that the concept of the devil is a cultural phenomenon.

Satan (meaning “enemy” or “accuser”) is a title given to a moving target, depending upon who violates the comfortable norm. Following certain aspects of Satanic tradition and philosophy, but with political activism and secular achievement in place of supernaturalism and secrecy, the Satanic Temple is shattering taboos in groundbreaking ways. They are even chafing the very asses of people who will benefit from their activism.

Their work has led to the enforcement of separation of church and state in a number of high profile cases. They are agitating for the abolition of corporal punishment in American schools, raising public awareness of modern-day witch hunts like the Satanic panic of the 80s and 90s, and fighting the oppression of women’s reproductive rights. Demonstrating that rebellion can be channeled productively and used to make important social contributions, the Satanic Temple is luring progressive Satanists from far and wide.

via The Alchemy of Activism: The Satanic Temple.

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