The controversy of Wicca and Satanism has been re-opened recently |

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2016)

Writer Pat Mosley of Patheos published an article “A Case for Inviting Satan (back) into Wicca” recently, that has stirred a lot of controversy in the pagan community. While made on Valentine’s day, the article is still getting comments about how paganism in general, and Wicca, have “nothing to do with Satan”. It is likely this will further the debate about paganism and Satanism, many pagans simply do not accept Satanism nor Satan himself. (Satanists are often shunned in the pagan communities, even if they do not believe in a literal Satan either.)

The controversy got further heated when he published a second article yesterday (The 17th), that is also still getting comments. Pat suggests that the pagan community should have a better attitude about Satan; “Obviously I don’t think everyone should drop whatever religion they’re practicing now and convert to Satanism, atheistic or otherwise. However, I do think Pagan community should generally be a safe(r) space for Pagans to discuss working with Satan as a god or archetype.” He believes this can be beneficial to pagans, better than the current intolerant attitude. Likewise, he mentions that pagans tend to put out many misconceptions about Satanism and that we are doing the work for Christian fundies by treating the subject the way it has been, in the community, lately.

via The controversy of Wicca and Satanism has been re-opened recently |

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