This Is One My Favorite Videos

(Last Updated On: May 13, 2014)


I’ve always wondered why there are not more motivational speakers who are occultists. I’ve always found it fascinating that most motivational speakers are Christian, especially when you consider that most methods of creative visualization have their origins in mysticism and meditation. Many of the concepts that motivational speakers talk about can be found in Ancient forms of occultism.

Popular books like The Secret are nothing more than the techniques of ceremonial magic repackaged for a secular audience. Even this video which talks about reaching one’s full potential is merely describing the process of self evolution and self initiation. The only difference is that this video doesn’t use terms like self initiation or self evolution, but it’s talking about the same things.

It’s funny to me just how many Christians have made millions of dollars off of occult techniques. Techniques that were developed by ancient magicians who were not Christians, yet the Christians give them absolutely no credit at all.

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